Veteran Assistance

Free Medical Alert System for Veterans

PUBLISHED – 4/12/2022

Medical alert systems are some of the most important pieces of equipment people can own if they have a health condition that threatens their independence. A typical system comes as a wearable bracelet or pendant that communicates over decent ranges with a base unit in the house.

In the event of a medical emergency, the wearer can press a button on the pendant and immediately summon help from a dedicated response center. Even if the person can’t communicate with the operator, emergency services can be dispatched to their exact location.

For people with limited mobility and chronic medical conditions or those who are prone to falling, this can do more than activate the emergency response team when they’re in need. By ensuring a wearer is never more than a button push away from assistance, medical alert systems give peace of mind to seniors and their families, people with disabilities and veterans with conditions that could make living alone more difficult.

More than 1.6 million American veterans currently have a disability rating of 70% or above, and they may benefit from using a medical alert system. Click HERE for a guide that helps veterans and their caregivers, family members and other loved ones pick the right medical alert system for them and learn how to apply for and receive a medical alert system free of charge. It includes valuable information about the types of free medical alert systems that are available to veterans through the VA, provided the veteran is an honorably discharged former service member.

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